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Don't Piss Me Off!!!

2004-05-27 @ 2:04 p.m.

Well, Dan and I had a horrible day yesterday. For both of us our day at work was just horrid that we couldnít wait to get home and veg out. We got home and drank a few beers, watched Toy Story and played strip poker and truth or dare poker.

I have to say I won the strip poker game this time. There he was butt naked and me still fully clothed and he was grumbling and I told him now you know how I felt when I lost last time and you were still fully clothed. It was just too too funny. And it was fun. I donít know about Dan but Iím having such a hang over today. Got sick in the shower this morning. Dan came to make sure that I was ok, told him all was good, just dry heaves from drinking so much. I have to say, dry heaves are the worse!!! I hate them. But thatís what too much alcohol does to me. But itís all-good.

After a few beers we managed to put our bad day aside and said tomorrow will be a good day for both of us. And this morning in the car Dan and I were laughing so hard we had tears falling from our eyes. I would love to say what happened but I did promise Dan that no one is to know about what it was that had us laughing so hard. More of a ďprivate jokeĒ type thing between he and I. But, OMG!!! We laughed so hard we couldnít stop. I wish I could tell you but we did make a promise to each other that no one should know a thing.

Today is going smoothly here at work today. Thank goodness. Of course Iím just working away here in my little corner and not dealing with anyone. It was World War 3 yesterday. Amy and I went at it with a manager involved. The war was on. And I have to say, Iím sure they didnít like seeing me pissed and I held A LOT inÖ.I wasnít going to say something that was going to get me in trouble. This issue is a long story and I will have to tell you about it another time.

Well, I pretty much have all my work done for the week finally. Maybe they should piss me off more often and Iíll just be buried in my work and get it all done more than usual early. Lol.

Well, I better get going for now. Get the rest done, go home and chill until I see Dan tonight and try and win again in strip pokerÖheehee. Blessed Be!!

Much Love~