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Thursday, Feb. 17, 2005 @ 2:47 p.m.

Today I woke up with an ear infection and it doesn’t feel good. Oh well, it will go away…hopefully…lol.

I rode the train in to work today and whenever I do I have a tendency of observing everyone around me. It was a strange morning. This guy hurried to sit next to me when the seat in front of me was completely open, but apparently in his own mind he insisted on sitting next to me, and he was just really creepy. The lady sitting in front of me, well, she was reading a magazine and clearing her throat constantly in a musical tone. It almost sounded like she was “rasping” Gilligan’s Island. I would say humming but literally, it wasn’t humming. I tried my best to not chuckle so I kept looking at the newspaper that I was reading. When I was done reading the paper there was a really strange looking guy standing by the door, and he was literally fixed at staring at me, I look and he’s staring, I turn away then I non-saliently look over again and he’s still staring, the guy didn’t even blink. This seriously gave me the creeps, especially after watching the news last night about the serial rapist out and about. That’s a scary thing, ya know? And coming from a small town and moving into the big city doesn’t help either. I do have to say that I am glad that I don’t live so close to the city…the crime rate in my area is very very very low. (Of course now that I said that something will probably happen-knock on wood that nothing does).

In the city you see some pretty strange things, especially when you come from a small town. I didn’t even see things like this when I lived in Guam. Granted, each to their own, I have no problems with the strangeness or difference, I’m very open minded. It’s actually neat to see the differences, just that there are some that are just a tad bit creepy. And if you knew me personally you would know that I am paranoid about a lot of things. As Dan says, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with me being paranoid because it keeps me on my guard.

People are unique, very unique, each and every one of us. If we weren’t and everyone was the same this would be a very boring world. Don’t you agree? Here in my office there are 149 people in this particular office, and it’s amazing that there are so many “clicks” but what’s so cool is that I get along with each and every one of them. I don’t have to like everyone, but I do get along with all of them.

Work has been kind of funny today…our group received this e-mail today that was a bit funny really and I had to go tell the guys, “ummm, you may want to leave this one to Deb and I because I think she will be embarrassed if a guy went in there to work on it, especially you Nick” lol. Now to remind you I work in the IT/LAN Department, so anyway the title of the e-mail was “Internet Explorer Takeover” written by a female in the office and the e-mail read: I confess that I did something dumb, and now my internet explorer thinks I am interested in porn. I don't know if this is a problem (aside from an embarrassment) or not, but I think someone should take a look at it. Thanks.

Well, when I went to go look at her PC, it added to her favorites “7 Days of free porn” and I discovered that her PC was hijacked by a hacker and she’s even getting a porn chat box to join on her PC. We’re talking about a lady that had her hard drive crash and replaced with a new one last week and completely reformatted. She tells me that she was surfing and reading up on postnasal drip. Hmmmm, that could sometimes maybe be listed with porn due to the word “drip”. Lol. All in all, she basically downloaded programs that are NOT ALLOWED and just deleted the icons or something the wrong way not the proper way, so we told her for a while she would just have to live with it. Anyway, I guess you just had to be there, it was pretty funny in a way.

As Deb and I were working on her computer, Nick came in anyway making the lady embarrassed by just coming in there, because now she knows that he has read the e-mail. And this lady can’t stand him, she will stay away from him at every opportunity she can. Nick has had nothing to do today yet he pretends he’s busy when he isn’t. Ugh! But you know what, that is his own hole that he is digging.

Anyway, I want to write more, but I have to get going right now, so I will try and write more soon. Blessed Be!!

Much Love~