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PG-Part 2, The day we met.

2003-03-25 @ 11:14 p.m.

Well, today has just been a "blah" day. And I don't have too much to say really, so, I guess I'll continue on with my PG story.

We met online on Oct. 2, 1999, he sent me an e-mail (I was goofing around on the dating sites one day then just left it alone) something about his e-mail just made me feel good and comfortable, and so I answered, next thing I know, we are writing back and forth to each other that day while he was at work (it was a Sunday). That evening, he sent me an instant message online and we chatted for a while. The funny thing, I gave him my number after he asked so that he could call, I told him to call in 8 minutes...LOL, he wanted to call in 5, I had to be a pain...hehe, well, he didn't call and I was like what the fuck??? and so I jumped back online and he sent me a message saying that he accidently closed out the IM before writing my number down...typical Well, he called, and we talked for hours on end, and his voice just sounded so familiar, I couldn't figure out why. Then we decided to meet the next day after work at Greenfields. We met in person the next day and had a great time talking, having a few beers, and getting to know each other. A friend of mine that I had not seen forever happened to have been working there and I chatted with her a bit, and PG said that he thought that with me seeing her he thought it was the "cop out" trick on first dates, kinda like when you have someone call your cell..which of course was not the case. lol. We hit it off the moment that we said hello. The funny thing was, he knew what I looked like, I had no clue what he looked like. I walked in, of course fashionably late as always, and when I saw him, something just overwhelmed me, I don't know what it was, but, it was a feeling that I wasn't familiar with, a comfortable feeling actually. Well, after talking and having a few drinks he asked me to have dinner with him that night, we just had a wonderful time. Giving each other shit, laughing, flirting of course, you know all those first date things, but, this just seemed so different. After dinner, he asked if I wanted to go with him to pick up his daughter who was only 1 and a half at the time, and so I did, the moment that I saw her, and she was awaken from a deep sleep, I fell in love with her. In the car she kept looking at me trying to figure out who I was and dozing in between, it was so adorable. And very shy I might add...Never did I expect to meet her, she is just the cutest little thing. We got back to my car and we went to his place to put her back down to bed and we stayed up for hours watching tv, talking, cuddling, everything just felt right. I met his roommate that night who later on screwed him over, but, that's another story....

I have to say, we had such a wonderful time together, neither one of us was expecting anything like this or what was to come...