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A New Journey

2004-03-25 @ 9:19 p.m.

Last night became a beautiful evening. Last night I picked up the man that I've been seeing for almost 2 weeks Saturday. The man that I feel that someday could heal my broken heart. The healing has started, it has begun. One door shut and another opens. A new journey has begun.

Last night I cooked a wonderful dinner for Dan and he loved every bit of it. Told me I was such a wonderful cook and excited to try more of my cooking in the future. He's looking forward to cooking for me as well.

After dinner, he turns the lights off and the only light we have is the television and the fluorescent light from the fish tank. We curl up on the couch all cuddled and cozy as we watch a movie. The soft feel of his cold fingers and large hands caressing my body, holding me as though we've been together for a lifetime.

Suddenly, I feel his lips on my neck, kissing the back of my neck, my shoulders and slowly to my lips. He kisses me tenderly, passionately and holds me tighter. Kisses me for a few moments that felt like hours. His hand strokes my face gently as I lick his lips and feel the warmth of his tongue inside my mouth. I stroke his face, feeling every curve of his face, the curves of his neck, his shoulders.

We turn the tv off and decide to have music play, we sit there looking deep into each others eyes, then...

Slowly, we move to the floor where there's no boundaries wherever we move. He gently removes my clothing as I remove his, passionately he kisses me moving down my neck gently stroking my body. His lips reaches the nipples of my breasts and continues to kiss my body as a whole, his hands move to mine as our fingers combine and our hands become one.

The feel of his lips all over my body, his hands caressing me, brings chills to my body yet turns me on at the same time. The passion becomes so intense as our bodies become one. For the next six hours we remain as one, feeling the intense heat and passion within our bodies. Our hearts beat as one.

As it becomes closer to two in the morning, we laid there looking at each other, giving each other kisses and I ask, "Can I keep you?" He looks at me deep into my eyes, with deep sincere in his voice, he says "Yes".

We continue on to this journey exclusive to one another, and see where the path takes us.

Much Love,