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The conclusion of Matt...

2004-04-23 @ 9:57 p.m.

Well, Dan and I had the discussion last night about the issues with Matt and came to the same conclusion that we did before that we can’t and won’t let it interfere with our relationship. Basically in the terms that we used “Fuck what he says, we need to just ignore what he says when it comes to Matt discussing either one of us” so that is what we’re going to do. Dan understands that it’s hard for me to, but he is such a positive person that he has the strength to keep me positive on a lot of things. So, that’s a good thing.

Dan and I had a really great evening last night as always, and some of it pretty intense, in a good way of course. Each day that we’re together everything just keeps getting better. Which is great! It feels good very good having Dan in my life. And him being such a positive person helps me a great deal with my depression. My depression hasn’t bothered me since Dan and I met because he manages to always keep a smile on my face and he makes me laugh. I haven’t felt this good in years! It’s nice. :o)

This weekend, well tomorrow Dan will be working until 4 then we’re talking about going shopping and Sunday we’ll pretty much be doing the same thing, but we’ll be checking out stuff at pawnshops. My good TV died on me and so we’re going to take a look at TV’s as well as cd’s and such. Whatever treasures we find anyway. But usually on Sundays we seem to sleep in since that’s the only day that we both have all day off together and hang out together all day. It’s our day together. So, who knows if we’ll even make it out the door on Sunday. Lol. And Monday back to the ole’ grind of work for the week.

Anyway, this is going to be a short entry until the end of the weekend. Blessed Be!!

Much Love~


ps, I see so many people visiting my site which is so cool. I hope you guys will place your mark on my guestmap so that I know where you are from. I love knowing where so many people are from, it's just so cool! Thanks! ~V~