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All I can say is that itís Monday

Monday, Jan. 17, 2005 @ 12:43 p.m.

All I can say is that itís Monday. UGH!!!

Letís see, where should I start? Well, I couldnít get up early enough like I wanted this morning but at least I still got here on time. An idiot took up 2 Ĺ parking spots in the parking lot here at the office this morning. I didnít find out the parking meters were free today until AFTER I have already paid for parking. Discovered when I got in that my new blouse that I wore today is ripped in the sleeve. Nick is getting on my nerves trying to act like heís my supervisor when he isnít and telling me how to do my job as if I donít know already how to do it. And that frustrates me the most!!!

Itís just been a wonderful Monday already. At least I get off work early today, but only to go to a dr. appointmentÖwooohoo! NOT! Oh! And did I mention, I forgot that we could wear jeans today since itís MLK day..funny since I was listening to the news this morning while getting ready wondering if parking was free because of MLK dayÖof course, that I didnít find out until I was already at my desk and turned my radio onÖnever fails! Never failsÖsigh.

Iím afraid to ask what else today is going to bring. Iím hoping it will be all-good the rest of the day AND the rest of the week! I hate starting my week out like this.

As for NickÖthat boy is seriously going to drive me to quit! To be honest, I canít stand working with him, I really canít. I talked to my boss Steve last week about Nick and how he acts and keeps telling me on a daily basis how to do my job as well as babysit me and I flat out told Steve, I donít need a babysitter and heís not my supervisor. I donít need someone to tell me how to do my job when I already know how to do it. If I have problems I will ask questions. And Steve agreed with me 100%. And I told him, Nick is gonna drive me to quit and Steve told me to please donít quit because itís so hard to fill this position with someone that knows what they are doing and can deal with Nick. Steve told me Iím irreplaceable which made me feel good and he understands how Nick is. So weíll see because itís really starting to get on my nerves more than ever. Iíve told Steve there has been so many times that Iíve wanted to tell Nick where to go but Iím being nice and just biting my tongue. Itís just so damn frustrating! Ugh.

Well, I better get goingÖitís almost time to leave for the day. Blessed Be!!

Much Love~