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Life & Tuesday...Much Better!!!

2004-04-13 @ 7:40 p.m.

Well, I have to admit that today went a bit smoother than yesterday. I actually feel like I accomplished things in my 8-hour day of work. Yet once again I was late. Ugh!!! Dan will be here tonight so I shouldnít be late to work tomorrow. And Jamie gets back from her vacation, sheís going to freak when she sees that Iíve had my hair chopped off.

I guess I did forget to mention that I had my hair chopped off Friday evening after work. It came out great, and to my surprise less hassle to mess with in the morning. I wish I had thought about this sooner. Dan loves it and says that I should wear my hair straight more often. I had about 4 inches cut off my length and now itís about an inch above my shoulders. Everyone at work loves it too and says it looks so cute. Yesterday Amy said that she wanted to see how it looks straight and so I wore it straight today and she really liked it. Itís been a very very long time since Iíve had my hair cut short and to wear it straight, and at that time it was much shorter than I have it now. I like the fact that now, instead of taking an hour and a half to get ready it now only takes me 20-30 minutes; this is shower, make-up, hair and getting dressed! Dan said that he was very impressed that it didnít take me very long. Iím still trying to get used to it being so short, but itís starting to grow on me, so thatís a good thing.

Dan told me that no matter how I do my hair, or anything at all heís still going to love it. Heís such a wonderful person to me and treats me so well. He spoils me, worries about me, thinks about me all the time, calls me every day and even takes care of me when Iím not feeling good. Especially when Iím having asthma attacks, he tells me that he just wants to make sure that Iím ok because he doesnít want anything to happen to me. Of course I do all the same things for him too. We have such great communication, he asks me about my day and makes sure that I get things off my chest, and I do the same for him as well. Heís so affectionate, always gives me little kisses, hugs me all the time, we fall asleep each night in each otherís arms as well as holding hands in our sleep. We stay curled up all night together. I never have to ask him if we can cuddle or if I can have a kiss, he is so affectionate that he just does it. Itís just so amazing how compatible we are together. We tell each other everything and discuss things that we want together all the time. We get along so well, we were just talking the other night that itís nice that we never have anything to argue about because we have such good communication and honesty with each other and how weíre so compatible that things are just perfect between us. Our families know about us and are happy for us. Mom says itís about time that I have found someone that treats me good and makes me truly happy. I thought I knew what happiness was when I was with Paul, and I have to admit, I was so wrong! Dan makes me so much happier, happier than Iíve ever been. Itís such a wonderful feeling that I donít think I can put it into words.

I have to say, Dan has his ear pierced but never wears an earring, and he says he doesnít like them. Then the other night when we went shopping, without me knowing he found a small earring that is my birthstone. When we got home he put was putting it on, and I asked him what he was doing, and he showed me. He was jokingly trying to say that itís his birthstone when he knew that I knew that it wasnít and finally admitted that he bought it to wear to think of me. I was telling Amy about it and she was saying about how when a guy buys a piece of jewelry for himself that reflects the person that heís with it shows that thereís a special bond that he feels for that person, and that he is feeling that way with me. It made me feel good the night that he did that. I whispered to him, ďdid you buy that because of me and that itís my birthstone?Ē and he had the cutest smile on his face and said ďmaaaaybeeeĒ and then said yes. It just really made me feel special and warm inside and just made us even closer to each other.

As each day goes by we feel closer and closer to each other. Weíve already told each other how we are so happy when weíre together and miss each other when weíre apart, yet always thinking of each other. And how we make each other happy. Everything that Dan and I have now and have built in the last month is much more than what Paul and I ever built in the 3 years that we were together. Amazing isnít it?

I know in my entries it may sound as though Dan and I live together, but we donít. He does stay here quite often which I have no problems about it at all. I love it when he stays here and Kitty does too. DJ is still trying to get used to him. We always call my house home and of course when asked about my car by his co-workers, they ask him if itís his Grand Am and he says, ďyes, itís oursĒ lol. In reality itís mine, but thatís ok. Jenn was shocked that I let him drive my car last weekend because she knows I donít let anyone drive my car unless thereís a good reason, and the only ones that have ever driven my car besides myself is my dad and Jenn if Iím too drunk to drive. And now Dan. But, it is still that itís only me driving my baby unless I say itís ok to drive my car. I am VERY protective of my girl.

Things are just beautiful with Dan and I and we both hope that it continues to stay that way. My day today was better than yesterday and life is just wellÖgoing the way itís supposed to. Blessed Be!!

Much Love~