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Long & Painful!!!

2004-10-21 @ 12:45 p.m.

Yesterday was a LONG and PAINFUL day. Well for one it was just a long and busy day. Then I had to leave work at 2:00 for an appointment with the hand surgeon. They gave me a steroid shot to try and bring the feeling back into my two fingers, which isnít doing the trick. And that shot HURT!!!

All I have to say is donít get a steroid shot, not only does it hurt when they are injecting the nerve but it also leaves your whole arm sore. Also, this morning I discovered that it dried out my hair and my skin horribly and I just had the munchies galore this morning. I donít normally eat Twinkies since I was a kid and I was just craving the sweetness today although I only made it through 2 out of 4 in the package, I couldnít handle the sweet anymore. And another thing, I am CRANKY as hell todayÖugh!!! I now have all this energy today but I feel like I donít know what to do with myself today. But I know that here at work I donít feel like being around anyone!

Iím glad that my desk is kinda secluded. I donít have to deal with people too much especially on days like this. Lately, people that I used to bullshit with all the time will see me and they tell me that Iíve become a recluse because I just hide in my corner. But, ya know with all the stress going on lately I actually like it this way right now. Plus I get so much more work done when no one is bothering me so much.

Although, Nick has a tendency of ďbotheringĒ me all the time and ďbabysittingĒ me I know heís hating that I tell him EVERYTIME ďQuit babysitting me, I donít need a damn babysitter!Ē And he sees that Iím busy and he sits his ass down and just starts bullshitting, itís like ďdude, I donít care right nowĒ and then tries to tell me what to do as if heís my boss and I keep telling him, ďI have one boss and it isnít you!Ē I had to say that to him today AGAIN right in front of my boss and my boss thought it was funny because my boss has told Nick, ďyouíre not her bossĒ all the time obviously itís not sinking in to him because there are things that I have asked him to do and ccíing my boss on the e-mail and Nick still doesnít do it. Itís like talking to a brick wall! And he keeps asking me if I want to go work at the events center to be security for concerts, games, etc because he can get me a part time job there but heís doing this because he wants to be my bossÖwell guess what, it isnít happening!!! HELL NO!!! It would be a fun job but I donít want to work with him in the evenings too. I would rather watch a dog take a shit then work with him more than 8 hours a day. Itís bad enough that I have to see him at 6:30 am! He waits for me when I get off work just to ride with me down the elevator, heís always wanting me to go downstairs to get breakfast with him then he buys me breakfast and so I feel obligated to buy breakfast back. I canít afford that right nowÖ.Iím having a hard enough time just myself right now-thank God for Dan helping out. But Dan and I do it for each other all the time helping each other out.

I just canít wait till I get my settlement! They are working on the demand package right now and it looks like the starting of asking will be at $65,000.00 if not more. I have plans for this settlement. Well for one my Grand-Am is getting paid off and it looks like I might pay off my Lumina too just so that I donít have any car payments and my insurance will be less. And of course the Grand-Am will be getting sold. Itís actually up for sale right now. Iíll be giving my parents and Dan some money-I already have planned how much they will be getting. Pay my credit card bill off so that it wonít be maxed out, pay some if possible all the bills that are on my credit report and other debts that I have and Dan and I will be sitting down and investing some of it in the money market, cdís and iraís. And Dan and I talked about possibly taking a vacation after the New Year. We just havenítí quite decided where yet. We started talking about it last night about Las Vegas but nothing is final right now. And of course Iíll be throwing a chunk of that money into savings as well and possibly moving into a 2 bedroom-that Iím still working on that decision if I still want to stay in the Condoís that Iím at and just go back into a 2 bedroom there or if I want to move elsewhere into a house maybe or just buy one. So many decisions but I am moving though. LOL. I have soooo much stuff for one person itís not even funny. I need more room for more stuff! Lol!!

Well, I guess I better get back to work, I have so much shit to do itís not even funny! Hope youíre having a better day than me, and remember, STAY AWAY FROM THE STEROID SHOTS-WELL STEROIDS ALL TOGETHER!!! LOL!!! Blessed Be!

Much Love~