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Incentives and Vacations!

2004-09-30 @ 2:27 p.m.

This has been a pretty cool day actually. Well this morning wasnít that great at first. Of course I got up late but whatís new on that one and of course driving in traffic this morning in the rain, people were driving as if it was winter or something to that affect so of course, as usual I got to work late. But the good thing that happened this morning that made my morning was Dan calling to tell me to have a good day and that he loves me. That put a smile on my face he called me Ĺ hour after I got up.

As my day progressed it was going good and quick. Getting my things done and finding so many discrepancies in the reports that I review. So anyway, we had our quarterly systems incentive meeting and mind you Iíve only been in this department for 2-3 months. Well, I got a management award called the GEM Award which stands for Going the Extra Mile Award. And my certificate says:

For the excellent job that she has been doing in taking over the COLD reports.
On several occasions she has identified a problem with either the reports themselves or the distribution of the reports and has quickly resolved the problem either internally or with the responsible person at the State.

I thought it was pretty cool that I got that award. I went to thank my boss for my award and he says: "your welcome it's very well deserved you're doing an excellent job" that made me feel really good. Itís really nice to be recognized, thatís for sure. Although, Nick isnít very happy about it. Heís not even talking to me, heís taking this way to personal but Deb told me not to worry about it and to just keep doing what Iím doing. Which I plan on doing.

This weekend is going to be so fun! Deb and I are going to Vail and having a free complimentary 2 nights stay, complimentary massages and complimentary dinner. I received this package from Vail. Apparently the person I worked with at the Wellshire Inn for our holiday party gave them my name as the coordinator for company functions and sent me this. I was going to bring Dan but itís always impossible for him to get the weekends off and then I was going to bring Jenn but then I started to feel selfish and since my committee didnít get our holiday lunch that the company was supposed to give us for putting the party on and I was the main person that handled everything and Deb helped me out more than anyone else did for the party I decided to bring Deb. Share the adventure to Vail with her. I feel bad for not bringing Jenn or Dan but since it was basically company related I figured itís best to bring the one person that worked the most with me on the party and that was Deb. Mind you Deb is like 12 years older than me but she is an awesome lady. Definitely someone that Jenn and I would hang out with on a normal basis. Unlike some-Jenn you know whom Iím talking about. LOL.

So this should be a fun weekend. Deb and I plan on coming back early on Sunday so that she can spend time with her honey and I can spend time with Dan.

Dan will be leaving on Monday and returning on Saturday, heís flying out to Wisconsin to see his sister and his new Godson. Itís gonna be weird not having him around for a week, although he said it was weird when I was gone for 4 days to Montana. But itís all-good. His dad is going with him too so it will be nice for him to spend time with his dad too since he doesnít see him very often. Now heíll get to see him for a whole week.

Well, I should get going since I only have Ĺ hour left to go then Iím on vacation!!! Wooohooo!!! I could use this mini vacation and just get pampered. So much has happened lately with the accident and all that itís time to just relax and forget about all the stress for now. Blessed Be!!

Much Love~