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Happy Hump Day!!

2004-05-26 @ 8:13 a.m.

Well, things worked out yesterday so all is well. Thank goodness. I can now relax. And for an update about Dan, things were good. He had taken Trudy (his dog) to the vet to get her shots and medicine for her sty that she has on her eye and so he was just running a bit late. Trudy is such a cutie. As Dan and I call her and Kitty, they are senior citizens. Lol.

Well, Mom still isnít talking to me; we are now on 3 weeks of her not talking to me. Man, Mom sure can be stubborn. But, thatís just how she is. My bro called the other day and asked about Mom, told him donít know, sheís not talking to me, so youíll have to talk to her. And I have to correct myself on my unclesí surgery, it wasnít a triple bypass it was a 6-bypass heart surgery that he had. Heís recovering very well. Heís just as stubborn as my Mom, of course, what do you expect? He is her baby brother.

I couldnít believe how well I slept last night because Iím not as stressed as I have been since last Thursday. Dan will be staying at the house tonight and weíre going to chill and cuddle. He has been so supportive on everything that Iíve been going through and has been there to help me battle my depression during this ordeal, heís not afraid to be there. Which is very nice. Itís nice to actually have someone there and to help you battle everything that comes your way. No matter what. My depression hasnít been the issue here, itís the issues that I was going thru that was trying to bring me back down and Dan was there to keep me standing. This is how special Dan is.

Dan means a lot to me and I wouldnít trade him for the world. Sunday when I picked him up from work he had bought me lunch to bring to work on Monday and he bought Kitty the light laser to play with and she loves it. When we went to the liquor store, Harry the store owner heís so cool, and Dan and I went in there and he asked if Dan was my husband and I said nope, my boyfriend and I turned and Dan was blushing. When we got outside I asked Dan jokingly ďAre you my husband?Ē and he says still blushing ďI am todayĒ. Lol. I just had someone else ask me yesterday at work after they saw Danís picture on my desktop if Dan was my husband, told her nope, my boyfriend. And she said that she thought that I was married, told her nope. But ya never know. Lol.

Dan and I have Memorial Weekend together. Well, he does still work on Saturday but he has Sunday and Monday off. I get off work early Friday and have the whole weekend off. Iíll be doing some spring-cleaning while Dan is at work and lounge by the pool as well. Soak up some sun and thinking of using my new gas grill to BBQ this weekend. See if Dan wants us to invite all our friends over and just party. But, weíll see. It may just be Dan and I. Which will be nice too.

Well, I wanted to write early today because I have a lot to do today and wonít have time to write more until after work when I get home. So everyone have a wonderful hump day and I will write more later!!! Blessed Be!!

Much Love~