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Halloween 2003

2003-10-31 @ 7:20 p.m.

Today is Halloween. And it was an interesting day...We set up our area as the Psycho Hospital and well, we won 1st place. In the picture located in my Fotolog was our main attraction. I'm in the witch hat and the guts that Jeff is messing with, are real...NOT MINE of course, but, there's a heart, liver, gizzards, spiders, and intestines in there. It was pretty gross, and smelled too. But it was fun. The whole office was pretty grossed out by it...we definitly deserved first place for that one. As for my costume, I was a witch website...dressed as a witch with spiders and spider webs all over me and a sign on my hat that says ""...I got first for honorable and unique costume.

Anyway, enjoy the picture and the rest of my fotos!

Blessed Be!!