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Happy Halloween 2004!!!

2004-10-29 @ 9:12 a.m.

Today we’re having our yearly Halloween costume contest. Not too many people dressed up this year as much as last year, but it will still be fun. Last year I dressed up as a Witch Website, I wore a black dress with my witch’s hat and had spider webs all over me and a tag on my hat that said “” and I got picked as a “unique” costume. There’s a picture of it in my fotolog. This year I was stumped on what I wanted to be. At first I thought about being a pirate but then started thinking about how it’s probably going to be common this year, then I thought about being a gypsy, a football player and was going to wear Dan’s jersey and gear then I thought about wearing my old wedding dress and being a dead bride but then Dan and I decided to make me a early 70’s pro golfer on my way to the PGA. I have this hideous striped shirt on with knickers and argyle socks on with my golf shoes. I have a mullet blond wig on with a leather Harley Davidson hat on along with my golf club, an over coat to tie over my shoulders and a golf ball that is a stress ball with our company logo on it.

There were a few people that didn’t even recognize me at all because of the blond mullet and I have to say, I definitely do not look good blond…remind me not to die my hair blond. I threw that wig on this morning, looked in the mirror and even scared myself and didn’t even recognize myself. My argyle socks go all the way up past my knees almost to my mid thigh and so from my knees down to my shoes is all argyle socks that are black, red and white and my shirt has burgundy, white, green and blue colors on it. I think I should have gone for the bright red plaid shirt that Dan and I found but this works too. The red would have been better though.

There are a few cool outfits today. My friend Dara, she is wearing purple hair with a really short mini skirt with net stockings high heel boots and all this funky jewelry, yup, she’s a hooker this year. Then there’s my buddy Matt who’s a cereal killer, it is too funny. He brought in a big bowl with a box of cereal that has a spatula stabbed through the box of cereal and then he has a bright red plaid shirt on with small boxes of cereal all over it with spoons stabbed through all of them, his is pretty funny. I know Deb is dressing up today but she isn’t in yet so I’m not sure what she finally decided to wear today. There’s maybe 2 or 3 more people dressed up but it’s nothing too spectacular. Oh and I guess I can’t forget Charles, he’s dressed as a farmer from Green Acres it’s funny, he made is rake out of those small gardening rakes and attached it to a long stick and walking around with an accent when he talks.

When I talked to my dad this morning and told him that I dressed up he asked me if I dressed as a witch told him nope, did that last year and told him what I was and he just got a kick out of it. I wish I would have remembered to bring my digital camera today but I was running late this morning that I completely forgot about it. But I’m sure that Deb will have hers with her today so I’ll just have to get copies from her later.

Anyway, Jenn and I went looking around for costumes the last few days and you just would not believe the cost of costumes anymore! Of course they have some awesome costumes now…but wow, the cost!!! Amazing!

Well, I should get going, I have so much work to do then we have our party and costume contest. I’ll let you know later on how the contest turned out. Blessed Be!!!

Much Love~