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Happy Birthday to

Thursday, Feb. 24, 2005 @ 12:49 p.m.

Today is my last day of being 35, tomorrow is my 36th birthday of course Iíll be OFFICIALLY 36 at 4:58 pm. Yesterday I thought I saw a couple of gray hairs but thank goodness it was just the lighting in my bathroom. Growing up I had some gray hair but grew out of it thank goodness and I have a cousin that went through the same thing but she hasnít grown out of hers and sheís now 26. The last time I found gray hair on my head was when I stressed so much when I thought that I had breast cancer. I had the mammogram on Friday and had to wait until Monday for the results, thank goodness it came out negative. I think that is the most Iíve ever been stressed and scared at the same time. But I think Iím good for a while before I get any gray hairs (knock on wood, lol).

This whole week has just been really odd I guess. Monday I was just in a ďblahĒ mood. You know, those moods where youíre not happy or sad just neutral. Thatís it, everything is just neutral. I went home after work and I put the birds to bed early, didnít even turn on the TV, radio or anything and made a sandwich, went to the computer, ate my sandwich and played games online. It was one of those days where I just wanted everything around me silent, and not a care in the world or even making myself think, I figured playing online against my cyber friends was a good relaxing tool for me and then I went to bed early. Tuesday, well, that was a busy day for me here at work, I was still working on my large transmittal that I got done yesterday that Nick thought that I would never get done but I did, 3 days early. Wednesday was just Wednesday, work work workÖand today, just doing some cleaning of my files and basically being a bit lazy to work today but Iím still doing work. I thought about taking tomorrow off, last year I took my birthday off for the first time but it wasnít on a Friday and so I thought about taking tomorrow off and give myself a 3 day weekend, but, I figured Iíll save my days off for when I move. Iíll need it then.

Yes, Iíll be moving, well not too far anyway. My landlord and ď2ndĒ mom is giving me a 2 bedroom condo for $50.00 more than what Iím paying now and they usually run for $800.00 but since Iíve been living there forever (7 years) and been really good she managed to get me in on for $700.00 which is cool because I need the room. I have so much shit for one person. I guess thatís what happens when youíve been married for 10 years but lived together for a total of 15 years and then get divorced and get everything in the divorce and then live with another guy and his daughter (Paul & Holleigh) for 2 Ĺ years. You just accumulate and it doesnít help that Iím such a pack rat either. As well as the fact that every time my parents come here or I go visit them they are ALWAYS giving me stuff, and yes, my parents are pack rats too. My mom will buy things that she likes and then never opens it and then either within a few months to a year after she bought it and never used it sheíll give it to me. She says she does this because she knows that she will give it to me eventually and/or that she forgot that she had it and then just decides to give it to me. Mom can be silly sometimes.

Well, itís official, my parents love Dan!!! When I was married, my parents never put ďlove, mom & dadĒ or even ďfrom mom & dadĒ they always just put their first names on presents for Sean, they didnít do it for Paul either, same with him, just first names. But for Dan, it was different. Danís Christmas presents from them came in the other day and Mom put a little note in there for Dan and it read: ĒDear Dan, Merry Christmas, better to be late than never. This is from both of us. Love always, Mom & DadĒ I read it out loud to Dan and he blushed a little and I told him ďitís official, they love you!Ē and I explained how my parents have never done that with anyone Iíve been with. Which made me very happy and I know it did him too and when I called Mom to let her know the package made it Dan told her, expect a thank you letter in the mail. I just think itís awesome. When I was talking to Mom we talked about how I already knew that they hated Sean and then she tells me that she didnít like Paul the first day that she met him, it wasnít as bad as how they felt about Sean, Mom just wasnít very fond of him and she said that she knew the minute that he said hi, he wasnít the one for me. Then I was nervous when they met Dan, but Mom, Dad and Dan hit it off and Mom said that she really likes him and she can see how happy we are being together. She told me that sheís never seen me happier. Dan and Dad kept talking and talking away. And Jenn is the only one of my friends in my life that my parents like as well. Mom and Jenn talked and talked the day we all went to the flea market. Unfortunately Dan couldnít go with us that day because he had to work. Anyway, Mom told me she knows that Danís the one; she has a very strong feeling about it. And as much as I hate to admit, Iíve learned that Mom is always rightÖIím just stubborn sometimes to accept it. But this one I definitely agree with her on this one.

Anyway, Iím chatting away and now my lunch is over so I best get back to work. Happy Birthday to meeeeeee!!! Lol. Blessed Be!!

Much Love~


Oh, and I'm thinking of changing my layout again. If you know any awesome sites let me know! Later!