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Holidays, Birthdays & Anniversaries

Wednesday, Feb. 16, 2005 @ 12:08 p.m.

Happy Late Valentineís Day everyoneÖyep, Iím a bit late, but itís all-good. Dan and I had a really nice Valentineís Day except for the fact that he had to work late. So after he got off work we exchanged our gifts to each other, I gave him a cool mug with his favorite football team that I special ordered and he gave me a 24kt gold bracelet. Then last night we had our Valentineís Day dinner, I cooked seafood, which came out very very good. Then we snuggled, had some beers, watched TV then went to bed. So it was a good 1st Valentineís for us.

My birthday is coming up here in 9 days on February 25 and Iíll be 20 years oldÖheheÖno, actually Iíll be 36 (Oh Gawd!!! 4 years from 40) but I definitely donít feel like it, Iím still a kid at heart and I always and forever will be. A lot of people canít believe that Iím going to be 36; they thought that I was 25-26 years oldÖwell thank you! Thatís one thing about us Filipinos, we age gracefully. I was telling Dan the other night, here I am, going to be 36 years old and I feel like I havenít accomplished anything in my life and he said thatís where Iím wrong. He reminded me that Iíve had a lot of challenges in my life, a rough and abusive childhood, been through a life threatening illness, died 8 minutes from that and was brought back to life, suffered from depression, had suicide attempts that I survived through, been through an abusive marriage, a divorce then just packed up with $200.00 in my pocket and moved here to Colorado with no job, not knowing anyone except 2 people, found a job within 4 days I was here, then fell into a relationship with a married man and broke it off, went into another relationship that was abusive, got mixed up with the wrong crowd and was heavily doing drugs, fought my way out of that, fighting my depression off and on, got mixed up in a horrible scam that left me penniless for a while, found a good job with the State of Colorado, have my own place which everything inside I own, found out deep dark secrets within the family that I knew since I was a kid and found the solid evidence of truth, I fought to get my first brand new car, got in a wreck but managed to get another one and now have a wonderful boyfriend that will eventually be my forever husband till the day we die. And Dan says there is no way that I can say that I have not accomplished anything in my life. He reminded me that this is what makes me the strong person that I am today. That Iíve fought so much that it has made me stronger than I was in the past and that each day I get stronger and stronger whether I realize it or not. I guess I just donít see where the accomplishment is at, but Iím sure Iíll figure it out someday.

Next month will be one year that Dan and I have been together. The other night he said happy anniversary to me, I looked at him with a puzzled look on my face and told him he was a month early, he looked at me and said, ďyeah, I know, but one month today will be a year and so Iím preparing myself in advance so that I donít forget, I guess you could say Iím practicingĒ lol. Dan can be such a riot sometimes. I havenít figured out what to get for him just yet for our anniversary, but Iíll think of something good.

GrrrrÖthe lockout on my boys (Colorado Avalanche) has really sucked this year, Iíve missed watching them and they just said on the radio that the hockey season has been cancelled. THIS SUCKS!!!! I guess Iíll have to get some old games on DVD and watch them. I hope that they will play next season. I really do.

Well, Iím trying something new today. Last night Dan and I talked about how Nick treats me here at work, belittling me, making me feel worthless, etc. Well, Iíll be doing some ďreverse psychologyĒ with Nick. Kill him with kindness basically, when he gets on my nerves, just smile and walk away. Dan said ďsend me an e-mail, get it out of your system, when you send it then let go of itĒ so, Iíll give that a shot even though Iíve been having like a so-called journal of it all for future reference, Iíll do that too.

This is why I love Dan so much; heís my positive and reminds me everyday that it will all work out in the end whenever I forget. Heís my Yin and Iím his Yang. **sigh**

Yesterday Dan and I moved my Grand Am. We had to jump start her because sheís been sitting for a while, and with the first jump she started right off the bat and still strong as ever, she just has that body damage in the back. I sure miss driving her, thatís for sure. I wish I didnít have to sell her, but I do. I canít afford to pay 2 cars. The bank discussed about combining the 2 car loans together but they canít unfortunately. So, I just keep continue to try and sell it. Dan wants to take over the car payments but weíll see. I discussed that with my dad today since he is the co-signer on the vehicle, but itís not definite just yet if Dan will do that or not, so I just play everything by ear when it comes to the Pontiac.

Well, I recently joined some other blog groups such as blogazoo, globe of blogs, and a couple others but the blogazoo, Iím noticing that you donít get as much credits as quickly as the others. AND I canít seem to convert my credits. If youíre on blogazoo, can you explain how that one works? I mean I know how it works, but the conversion of the credits is where Iím a bit stumped. So far I have found that blogclicker is great with the credits and blog explosion follows second. If you know any better ones I would love to hear about them.

Also, Iím looking for some new reviewers for my review site. We all have such busy lives itís hard to keep up right now and so I would like to get at least 3-4 or possibly more people as reviewers that have a little bit more time on their hands to review sites. If youíre interested you can click on my ďExtrasĒ at the top and scroll down until you see the Rare Silk icon, click on that and it will bring you to my review site and click on the word ďBecomeĒ and just follow the rules. Your e-mail will get to me and I will review your information and respond back as quickly as I can. I canít wait to hear from all of those who are interested!

Well, I better get back to work and Iíll chat more soon! Blessed Be!!

Much Love~