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Housing, animals and rain!

2004-06-16 @ 12:55 p.m.

Last night Dan and I started figuring out in the rent paperwork where they screwed up and it looks like they didn’t record one of my payments. As we were working on this last night Dan pointed out how the stress changed me and that he hates seeing me like this and that we will get this taken care of soon. We also discussed about living together again. The last 3 months he’s been doing some “errands” that I had no clue what it was and well he revealed it last night. He’s been looking for a house for us, not to rent but to buy. It was supposed to be a surprise for me and well because of everything he decided to tell me so that I don’t stress so much. We both can’t wait, but we also want the perfect house.

We also decided that on Friday we may be adopting a new kitty for us, his name is Gordon. He looks exactly like my Kitty the only difference is he is gray not black like mine. Gordon will be staying at my house; Dan just fell in love with him. Apparently he has the same attitude as Kitty so they should get along very well. And he’s a bit younger than Kitty. Kitty is about 10 years old or so and Gordon is 3. We’re both excited.

Trudy-Dan’s dog is now used to me and follows me at times. Last night Trudy decided to curl up with me in bed last night and then she took over my spot this morning when I got up to leave for work. It took Trudy some time to get used to me. She was jealous at first the same way DJ was jealous of Dan. But it’s all-good now.

Speaking of DJ and Kitty…they are starting to get along very well. DJ will be on his play gym and Kitty will walk up to DJ and lift her paw like she’s going to pet him, DJ will look at her, tilt his head back and say “HEY!” it’s too funny. Then, this morning as I was getting ready for work, I always let DJ out of his cage and he’s really good at just hanging out on top and flirting with himself while Kitty is laying on the bed chilling out. Well, I got out of the shower this morning and noticed that DJ wasn’t on his cage and Kitty was in the living room. Well, I went looking for DJ and what he did was flew out of the bedroom to the floor of the living room, walked right passed Kitty, said hi to her and walked over to his favorite spot on the coffee table leg. Kitty decided to go watch DJ and she went to reach for him gently and again DJ said “HEY! MAMA!” lol. It was just way too funny.

Well, Jamie and I just got back in from lunch and we are just drenched!!! It’s drizzling outside and having to walk out there even though we took the shuttle bus, we still got drenched. And it didn’t help that we had to walk all the way back to Walgreen’s because the lady forgot to give us our smokes. So, of course we got drenched even more.

Well, I should get back to work, have lots to do. Blessed Be!!!

Much Love~