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My Wonderful Friday Night!

2004-09-24 @ 1:16 p.m.

UghÖ.thank goodness itís Friday! This week has seemed like itís gone forever!!! Tonight Iím going to do some rebuilding in my computer since Iíve added my old hard drive that I gave Jenn back into my system and taken the DVD rom out of her old computer since she got a new one. So Iíll be a ďtechyĒ tonight. LOL. My wonderful Friday evenings.

Dan will be with his dad tonight working on some stuff and so I will be chilling and doing my own thing tonight. Get some things done around the house that needs done. Wahoo, how exciting!!! LOL!!!

Dan has finally decided to bring Trudy over after Iíve mentioned to him that he can bring her over whenever. But other reasons have risen as well too. But anyhoo, it will be nice having her over. At least this way she wonít miss Dan so much. Sheíll get to spend as much time still. If youíre wondering, Trudy is Danís dog. She is such a beautiful dog. I love dogs and so it will be nice having her at the house. She wonít be lonely while Dan is at work cuz sheíll be able to hang out with me.

Kevin keeps asking me today if Dan and I are married yet. I keep telling him no. When Dan and I first started seeing each other Kevin predicted that Dan and I would be married by September (this month) and so now Kevin keeps telling me that weíre not meeting his quota. He has also set a new quota if Dan and I arenít married by September 30th and well; itís obvious that wonít happen. Kevin is just goofy. But I love him dearly, heís an awesome guy, he can be a brat, but heís still a great person.

Next Monday I meet up with the hand surgeon to discuss about the surgeries on my arms, left arm & hand first before my right one. Itís gonna be hell to do things after they do my right arm/hand for a while since Iím right handed. Besides they have to work on the left hand first anyway considering thatís the one that I have no feeling in and again itís starting to get as bad as it was when it first started.

Well, nothing too much really going on. My lawsuit from the accident is still going on so no updates on that right now.

Tonight Iíll also be working on the review site, get things caught up in there as well. So hey, if you want your diary reviewed go check it out. (Raresilk-link is on the side here on my diary)

Well I better get back to work. Iím stuffed from lunch. Deb, Nick and I went to that Paramount Cafť for lunch todayÖ.very good foodÖbut Iím ready for a nap now. LOL. Blessed Be!!!

Much Love~