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Next Fire...

2003-05-17 @ 11:51 p.m.

I just spent 3 days repairing my computer system! I finally got it going at 5 am! I did everything that I could to fix it, but, couldn't, I'm assuming it was a pretty nasty virus that slipped through my firewall and my virus scan. So, I ended up losing EVERYTHING in the process and just wiped everything clean including reinstalling my hard drive. What a pain in my ass!

Well, I guess this one time happen to be a good time with my insomnia because the computer kept me very productive. I just can't be without my computer or my internet. The cyberworld is my world. This is my communication to the world.

I've decided to leave for my trip on Wednesday instead of Thursday to go and spend time with the rents. Told dad that I was coming a day early, asked him not to tell mom, so, she's still expecting me on Thursday. She's so excited to see me so, I thought that I would surprise her.

My love life still sux! I hope it doesn't stay this way much longer! The lack of "curricular activities" is starting to catch up with me...AAAAHHHH!! As well as the cuddling and having someone in my life.

Honestly, I'm beginning to wonder if my prince charming will ever walk into my life. The 2 people that I really like are both married and I don't dare tamper with that. I know what that feels like to be cheated on, and I won't do it to someone else. That just isn't me. The marriage would have to be truly falling apart before I take that step. I gave up a while back on looking for someone, decided that something will happen when the time is right. I just really need to quit cancelling dates because that is not helping!!!