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FLY Baby FLY!!!!

2004-07-18 @ 1:03 p.m.

This weekend was a nice 3-day weekend. Friday Jenn got off work early and Jamie and I took a vacation day and we went to Six Flags for the day. It was fun! We rode on pretty much everything that was open for rides, yet the food was horribly expensive. To me the best was the XLR8R! I love that thing! Youíre hoisted up 150 feet into the air wrapped in harnesses and when they say FLY, you pull the string, spread your arms and fly! Youíre going 2.25 Gís in the air itís just awesome. A natural rush! Unfortunately it cost more to get on this ride but to me itís well worth it. This was my 3rd time on it and my 1st time having to pull the string. Jenn was in the middle since she is taller than Jamie and I and it was Jamieís 1st time on it. She kept her eyes closed the whole time. Jenn and I are veterans of this ride and as always we have a blast on this ride.

Although my Wednesday and Thursday wasnít that great as I was flipping out because Dan was in the hospital. Ambulance had picked him up Wednesday morning at his house and he didnít come home till Thursday night. I was so worried about him when I finally spoke to him I just broke down in tears and started crying. Not only because I was so worried about him but also the fact that 2 weeks before I had a dream that something happened to him and Thursday it hit me dťjŗ vu of an e-mail that was in that same dream and thatís when I knew something was wrong. Jenn was doing her best to calm me down. Jenn and Dan are the only 2 mainly Jenn of course that knows how to calm me down in situations like these. Thank goodness Dan is doing wonderfully fine now. It took Dan a while to calm me down assuring me that he is ok.

Since Thursday I have had tingling and numbness in my left hand with my pinky, my ring finger and Ĺ the palm of my hand. And itís getting worse as each day passes. Itís getting to the point now where it is number than it is tingling. Iím thinking itís my carpal tunnel, Dan thinks that I pulled a ligament because there is a weird dent in my wrist or possibly a pinched nerve.

Anyway, tomorrow is back to work **sigh** I hate Mondays. Blessed Be!

Much Love~