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Football & Good Friends

2004-10-11 @ 9:34 a.m.

Once again it’s Monday! I usually hate Mondays but today isn’t really too bad I guess. This weekend was cool. Friday Jenn and I challenged each other on some online games and then on Saturday Dan came home early and surprised me, which was so cool and shocking because I wasn’t expecting to hear from him until after midnight on Saturday because he wasn’t supposed to get in until 10:30 that night.

It was awesome that he came home early. Saturday night Dan and I just chilled and watched movies and had dinner. Dan is a football person. In high school he was one of the star football players and he was one of the star football players in college too up until he was horribly injured. Friday Night Lights is one of Dan’s favorite books and so he and I went and watched the movie yesterday. We went to lunch to Red Robin then proceeded to go to the movies. The movie was really good. One of the guys in the movie who plays “Winchell” he reminded me sooo much of my best friend Mike back home. Jenn knows Mike, “Mr. Attitude” Mike.

Yes Mike has an attitude problem and people that have met him when he was still living here asked how I can even put up with him. Well Mike and I have a history together. He and I have known each other since our freshmen year in high school. I used to have the biggest thing for his best friend Brian, and well I had hooked Mike up with a friend of mine and I hooked up with Brian and well, we all became the best of friends. We hung out with some of the same people, went to all the same parties, you name it we did it. Anyway, our junior year in high school after school Mike was in the car with another friend of ours Jimmy. Well there’s an intersection by the school should have had a 4 way stop sign long before now. Jimmy was driving and Mike being the passenger and this drunken guy in the middle of the day came hauling ass in the school zone and didn’t stop and unfortunately Jimmy and Mike were hit. The car hit on Mike’s side and ripped open Mike’s leg and shattered the whole thighbone all the way down to his knee. They ended up having to put a metal pin and plate in his leg. That accident was a horrible scene. Both Jimmy and Mike were literally thrown from the car (a Ford Pinto) and the car was wrapped around a telephone pole. It’s a good thing that they did get thrown out or else they both would have been dead. The guy hit them going a minimum of 75 mph in the school zone. Jimmy was able to go home from the hospital about a week later with some heavy scratches and bruises and a broken arm but Mike had the worse of it all. At the time I was dating Sean my x husband and he was ticked off at me and jealous the whole time because I stayed by Mike’s side with his parents the whole time he was in the hospital. Mike was in a coma for a little over a week after the emergency surgery and was in the hospital for another 2 months or so. Granted our friends came in and out to see him but of ALL of our friends I was the ONLY one that was there with him every single day. Sean hated that and didn’t understand that Mike and I had a very strong friendship. As Mike put it to me a couple days before he got out of the hospital he told me that I saved his sanity and his life for being there for him out of all our friends. He said that it’s amazing when something happens is when you really know who your friends are. That day forward Mike ALWAYS had the attitude of not trusting people except for me, and he always knew that I would be there for him. There was one day that Mike told me he would be there for me when I needed him the most no matter what. After the summer of our graduation Mike and I lost touch with each other. It was like we disappeared from each other’s life. He continued to go his way and I went mine by getting married.

When Sean and I had decided to get a divorce due to his lying, hitting and cheating on me and we grew apart from each other I honestly did not know what to do. Seriously, I didn’t have a single life after Sean and I met and got together in high school then right after my graduation (he’s 2 years older than me) we went and lived together and the following year we were married and we were married for 10 years, together a total of 15 years. Anyway, my bipolar manic depression hit me more than it ever had in my life and I became suicidal.

It was bad enough that I already have depression due to a lot of other things that happened in my life including my x-husband being abusive to me. Among other things everything just finally was ready to blow and it did. I attempted suicide because I couldn’t take any of it anymore. I felt that I was being punished for being alive.

Anyway, 2 days after I came home from the hospital I went back to work. I was a checker in the grocery store (and had 2 other jobs) and I had a long line. I looked up and there was Mike! He and I recognized each other right away and got together to catch up. He was moving here to Colorado because his girlfriend was here (who broke up with him the day he got here). So the last 2 weeks before he left he stayed with me at my house and was being very supportive and being there for me during my divorce. The day after Mike left Sean came over and we got into a huge argument and he raped me. When Mike called I tried not to say anything but he got it out of me anyway and he was pissed! He convinced me to come to Colorado for vacation and so when I agreed he flew back to Montana and we drove my car back here to Colorado. The day that we drove into Denver I told Mike “I’m moving here”, etc. I stayed for 1 ½ week here and went back to Montana told my parents I was moving to Denver (I was supposed to go to San Antonio, Texas) packed everything up in storage, put things in my car that I needed, $200.00 in my pocket and I left. Mike and I became roommates and one day I looked at Mike and I told him, “You saved me, you saved my sanity, thank you.” And that’s when we realized that no matter what we will both be there for each other as the best of friends.

Mike and I saved each other from some major things in our lives and for that we are both grateful for each other and that is the story of Mike and I.

Yeah, I know went too much into detail but yeah, the guy in the movie looked A LOT like Mike and made me think of him and wonder what he’s doing now. He’s come back to Colorado to see me a couple of times (he went back to Montana 3 months after I moved here) and Jenn was able to meet him. And she knows what kind of attitude he has. Mike and I can argue with each other till our faces turn blue but in the end we still talk to each other and will always be there for each other and will always be as close as ever no matter what.

Ugh, anywho, sorry for all the long reading didn’t mean to bore ya. Told you the movie made me think of Mike. But anyway, Dan and I had a great weekend. And tonight he’ll be hanging out with his dad tonight to watch Monday Night Football. When their team plays (Green Bay Packers) they hang out together. So I won’t see Dan until tomorrow. So tonight I will be doing some cleaning and arranging of my fish tank and chillin’ and hopefully get a chance to watch some football.

Well, I guess I should get back to work; I have lots to do today. Blessed Be!!

Much Love~