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Dream Come True

2004-05-20 @ 2:46 p.m.

MusicÖOne of the main things that Dan and I have in common so much. We listen to A LOT of the same music, and Iím not talking just one kind or type of music. Iím talking everything. We both listen to everything!!! Plus we introduce other music to each other. We make cdís for each other all the time. Heís always making me cdís without me knowing until he gives them to me as little gifts. We always do things out of the blue for each other because weíre always thinking about each other.

When he doesnít stay at my place the night before (which doesnít happen often-heís always staying at my place, which is fine) anyway he will call me in the mornings to make sure that Iím up so that Iím not late to work. My Dad has been doing that lately too. Heehee

Out of the blue, Dan made me a cd and said that this was a special cd. The whole cd is great. This is the first song that is on there. Itís an old song but an awesome song! And it really made me feel good and Dan is the type that is shy expressing his feelings yet we are working on that and itís going well. When weíre alone heís not shy just when weíre out in public, of course I can be that way as well, so itís all good.

Hereís the words to the song

Dream Come True Lyrics

Artist: Frozen Ghost

Love of my life, I don't have a lot to give you.

What's in my heart is all that I can really give you.

Love, Undying Love is all I have.

A handful of words that might make you laugh.

And all the strength you could need,

to make it through all your troubled times.

I give my love, myself to you, only you,

My Dream Come True.

Love of my life, you are all I ever wanted.

Whatís in your heart is all I ever really wanted.

You, you make my life a fairytale.

Youíve added love to a life that was so stale.

You know that Iíll be here, always for you

When you need a friend

I give my love, myself to you, only you,

My Dream Come True.

Iíve been waiting my whole life for you,

Now my waiting is through.

All those nights I spent dreaming I knew,

that my dream would come true.

Dream Come True

Dream Come True


Awesome song or whatÖ? I almost cried when I first heard it; he put it in my cd player in my car and said ďThis is for you babyĒ and he cranked it up. **Sigh** He always makes me feel special and I do the best that I can to make him feel the same.

I just still canít believe how so compatible that we are together. This weekend weíll be going to B52ís club and go shoot some pool with his friend William and his girlfriend. I havenít met them yet but will on Saturday. I have yet been to the B52 yet and Jenn said that itís a pretty cool club, so Iím excited. It should be a good weekend.

Thereís going to be an awesome free concert out at Clement Park on June 11th! Iím excited. So far the groups that will be there is Berlin, Gin Blossom and Evan & Jaron-I wouldnít doubt that there will be sooooo many people, and Iím sure that Dan, Jenn and myself will more likely be there, and whoever else wants to join us. This would be such a good concert, there will also be a few ďno namesĒ as well that is just starting outÖso this actually reminds me of the Hootenanny that they have in Canada that I went to one year. Itís like a HUGE big party with a bunch of bands playing, the only difference, and this one is free!

You know, Iím opening up a new bank account and I have to say, DONíT GO TO WELLS FARGO!!! Itís outrageous to open up an account there, they advertise that you only need $100 to open it yet you have to maintain $300 and through the membership that we have with our company through them you have to maintain $1000!!! And they wonder why a lot of people donít have bank accounts; itís almost the same as medical insurance!! How lame! I hate having to find a good bank, it sucks big time!!

Anyway I should get going and get stuff done then haul butt home change clothes and get to work at the bowling alley tonight then pick up Dan and go home for some beers and chill. Blessed Be!!

Much Love~