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The obvious things you don't see until it's proven to you.

2004-03-14 @ 8:59 a.m.

Well, I know this is just too soon to talk about, but, oh well. That's what diaries are for.

Anyway, last night Jenn and I went to the No Name Grill after bowling to meet up with everyone, although they all decided to go to The Draft. Jeremy was saying that we should head over there, but, we decided to stay at the No Name and our friend Matt that lives here in my complex came over and met us there and well, ummm, brought a friend. :o)

The four of us, Jenn, Matt, Dan and I shot some pool, drank and talked most of the night...well, pretty much all night. After we left the bar at 1:30 am, we headed back home and decided to watch DVD's over at Matt's. Well, we got through 2 DVD's, Jenn and Matt cuddled on the couch, Dan and I cuddled on the love seat. I can't tell you how much it is so nice to have someone to cuddle with.

Well, in the middle of the second movie, Jenn and Matt disappear into Matt's room, Matt says, "here guys, you can have the couch" I looked at him and said, "ummm, Matt, why should we squeeze on the couch when I live in the next building and we can just go there" he's such a goof sometimes, but, I love him anyway.

So, here's Dan and I, on the love seat all cuddled and he fell asleep for a few minutes then he woke and we finished watching the movie. He gave me a very nice back rub and we talked until 7:30 this morning. We have so much in common. The funny thing is, his goofiness reminds me so much of my x-husband Sean. I couldn't believe it. We hit it off so great it was great. I gave him a ride home because Matt and Jenn were still asleep, so he came up to my place before we left to go to his. The funniest thing, when I brought him home, I had put on my baseball cap and he had his on, and he went to give me a kiss, and the bills (or is it gills-wait, that's fish)anyway the bills of our hats just bumped and our hats flew off and we were both laughing so hard and his comment, "oh look we're bumpin' hats" lol. It's so nice having someone that can make me laugh so much like Sean used too, another thing that Paul lacked. We exchanged numbers, and I'll be seeing him again later on this afternoon.

All we did was cuddled and talked, it was nice. I guess it's kind of like the movie The Sweetest Thing, where Christina Applegate meets this guy that she hasn't had sex or anything with him yet because she really likes him.

Dan is so affectionate, something that Paul AND Sean definitely lacked. And he wasn't just after one thing either. Dan is a physical therapist for sports medicine and when he realized that I love the AVS, apparently he's good friends with Sakic and Roy and their families because of his profession. And well, I will be meeting them here soon in the future, and he offered to get me a personalized signed jersey from Sakic. I'm so excited!!!

Anyway, I better go and get my things done before I meet up with Dan later. He and Matt will be going to the batting cages this afternoon sometime. This summer the four of us will be going on lots of camping and fishing trips...gee, after thinking about how much Dan and I have in common, it makes me more realize how much Paul and I didn't have in common.

Kinda strange that it has to take certain things for you to realize some things about yourself and about the person who broke your heart, it's almost like pulling the roots out of the ground.

Anyhoo, I must go...

Much Love,