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Blog Explosion

2004-10-29 @ 5:35 p.m.

So I joined this site Blog Explosion and itís actually pretty cool. I canít believe how many hits are going into my diary. Although the thing is are they doing the 30-second thing only or are they actually reading my diary and adding me to their favorites? Iíve been doing the 30-second thing and actually reading the sites. Iíve even added a few on my favorites to go back and read. I actually like this thing, itís pretty cool. I can actually read other blogs and diaries that have a lot of interesting stuff to say. If youíre one of my regular readers, if you want a lot of traffic to your site click on my link and join. I think youíll really like it. And if you donít well you can always delete it. Doesnít hurt to try things once, right?

Iím even finding things on other peopleís site that really interest me and some that I can get interested in.

Anyway, check it out. As for our contest today at work, of course I didnít win, I found out that our unit wasnít allowed to participate because weíre a different unit. Every year EVERYONE is allowed to participate and for some odd reason they changed it this year and didnít inform anyoneÖI was shocked and Deb and I went and had a talk with management today and well, they are putting it back to have it for the whole office like itís always been and should be.

Well, Iím gonna go and surf some more, just wanted to tell ya about Blog Explosion. Blessed Be!!

Much Love~