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Bitch & Moan! Bitch & Moan! Rant! Rant! Rant! etc...

2003-06-23 @ 5:00 p.m.

What a day! This girl that I work with that just started, well about 5 weeks ago, has been getting everyone with her attitude, and I've been just letting it roll off my back because I hate office politics...can I just say, this is the 3rd time that she has really pissed me off, today was the worse! Lets see, where do I start? To make a long story short, I have to have my reports in on Mondays by 11 am or we will get fined by the state, and well, I have a set schedule and my boss likes the fact that I want all claims done on Thursday this way I have Friday and Monday mornings to work on my report. Well, of course, claims weren't done on time last week-the 2nd week in a row because she failed to tell me she took vacation Thursday and Friday and then last Monday and Tuesday she called in sick, which put me behind for the week before and then it flowed to last week, so, again, like last Monday I had very very little time to work on my report, which is a load of crap! Well, there were about 5 batches of claims left to do that had only 5 claims in each, I asked her this morning, do you mind working on these so that I can get the report started? (note, I'm in charge of the claims and to make sure things run smoothly) and well, her answer was "no, I want to work on these for this week" ARG!!! ALL claims from the previous week needs to be done before the new week starts, and she knows that I had a deadline...well I take it back, she's pissed me off more than 3 times! I had to pull one of the other girls away from her job to do this for me because I had over 1000 claims to go over, and then I find so much stuff that she missed, which even fueled my fire for the day!!! I was so pissed I was shaking, my boss was on vacation, so, I had to go higher up. They weren't too happy about what she did! What ever happened to team work? THEN, end of the day, I'm putting my claims away in our locked cabinet, now she's causing NO COMMUNICATION!!! She pulled claims that I have already pulled, and if she goes over these, I will be 80-90 claims over my count, which is a big no no! By the way, I am a Quality Control Specialist for the state of Colorado...and the state goes over our work as well! If it's not correct, or reports not done on time, we get a 15,000.00 fine by the state...NOT GOOD! Thank goodness my boss comes back tomorrow because he's not going to like the things that I will have to say...I'm glad that he and I are close, because that makes it more comfortable for me to talk to him. The only good thing that came out of today is when I spoke to our Duputy Acct. Mgr who is 2nd in line of big bosses, but, when I spoke with her about the situation this morning, she even told me that I have great potential because I am so dedicated to the company that I work for. And I am...I love the company that I work for. And she told me that she thinks very highly of me...That made my day...

Why is it though that some people can be so stupid!???? Some people-one in particular does not listen!!! 5 weeks into the job, she doesn't really have anything down! I have been having to go over things with her over and over, and I must say, it's starting to get old! Here's an example, I spent 45 minutes with her last week explaining the difference between the remarks and attachments-THEY ARE NOT THE SAME!!!! ugh! And trust me, I am not the only one that has gone over so much with her! Repeatedly! There is just so much that she's doing to piss off a lot of people. Can you believe, someone from another dept that sits on the other side of the building came and asked if she was from a cult or something! This is how bad it is! I have never seen anyone pick up a bad rep within 5 weeks of a new job, actually she started getting a bad rep the first week...problems were already caused. Our boss spoke to her on Friday, after he spoke to her, she kissed our asses...and then today....attitude and then all nice to me after I wasn't talking to her all day...and she was all buddy...I'm sorry, but, if you piss me off enough, kissing my ass doesn't fly very well with me!!!! As well as acting as if you were my best friend...I'm dedicated to my job, the company that I work for, and I expect the work to be done...I'm not there to make friends and get involved in high school shit...I'm there to work...yeah, I'll make friends, that's cool, but, if you are bad news when management has all this respect for me, I'm not ruining what I have with management! It's not very often that you get full respect from management within a corporation...not something to take advantage of...

I have been nice to her, everything I can do to make her fit in, even when others treated her like shit I tried to be her "work friend", gave her respect, helped her out on a lot of things, but, when you don't show me respect...I give up...Management has a lot of respect for me, and as well as a bunch of employees and I'm not going to let one person ruin that for me! I have a lot going with this company since the day I started 2 1/2 years ago, and hell if anyone is going to take that away from me! I am now at the point that I only talk to her if I have to, and ONLY work related!

I know that she is intimidated by me for being kinda her boss for claims...she's 10 years older than me, and for her to not understand that I have seniority over her and I'm not a bad boss, even as a boss I talk to my employees at an equal librium...but, there is still that line between boss and employee...but, she took advantage of that with me, and I'm not even the main boss.

She wanted to be on my committee of my newsletter that I will be doing for our office, ummmm...NO NO NO NO NO!!!!! NOT HAPPENING!!!

Kevin wants me to show her how to do the report in about a month or so, there's no way, not right now! I want her to know how to do everything else CORRECTLY first! This report is my baby, and I don't want to have to redo it and get it turned in late!

Steph even made her cheat sheets for the claims when she was trained, she doesn't use them! I did a memo of certain things I want done and how some things are to be done, she doesn't use those either! I don't know what else to do to get it into her head how to do these the correct way! Does anyone have any suggestions??? I would sooooo appreciate it! :o) I'm all out of ideas!

Well, I think I have bitched enough...sorry folks...I just had to get this out of my system! ugh!

Blessed Be!