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Last Day of 34

2004-02-24 @ 8:13 a.m.

This evening I'll write more, but, today, we'll see how the day goes. It's my last day of being 34, it's time to be whatever I can be...hehe..I would write more right now, but, apparently I have no time at the usual, no one was able to help with my stuff while I was gone. This is why I HAD TO come in today, no one likes doing my work. (^&*%^&*%^&) yep, I"m not a happy never fails, I help them out, and yet when I ask them for their help for a little, it doesn't happen...ugh

Anyway, to make my day better...I'm seein' my boys tonight...woooohoooo GO AVS!!!!

Write more soon...

Much Love!