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Today was good.

2003-08-21 @ 11:55 p.m.

Today was a good day! Not so much tired! YAY! hehe. Work was all caught up and in 4 days I'm heading for vacation for 7 days (it was 6, but, I added an extra day) I need to just get away from the city and everything around me for a few days and get some catch up sleep. I'm going to go visit the good thing about going to Montana to visit, it's a great retreat when you live in such a hectic place of Denver! But, I still love it here.

Well, today, was a fun day at work. Kevin and Matt decided to do short (regarding my height) jokes among other things at me which happens to be a daily thing...well today, I had reinforcements helping me out. Heehee, Big K was speechless for a few minutes anyway...but, ya gotta love him, he's pretty cool...of course a PITA as well, but, in a good way. Matt too. Little brat revealed a little secret about my sex life to Jamie today, I could have beaten his butt. hehe. I'm never gonna live this down from him. I really need to think of something good to get him back. Remember guys...paybacks are a bitch! haha!

Tonight Jenn and I watched the Bowling for Columbine. Very interesting documentary, most definitly makes you think about how the US is compared to other countries, how our Govt. in Washington DC works overall as dealing with issues in the US and foriegn affairs, and about a few movie stars such as Dick Clark and Charleston Heston, ESPECIALLY Charleston Heston! I'm not usually a political person, it's bad enough that life alone is all about humor and politics. But, as Jenn stated, there are a few things in the movie that you do have to take with a grain of salt. But, what documentaries don't? But, like I was saying, I'm not a political person really, but, it's amazing after watching this movie that it really makes you think about our Govt...I mean, a lot of it is obvious, but, when they sum it all up together at once, showing the whole picture it really makes you think. It's amazing how some of the issues in regards to gun control, how some people think, how some people feel about having guns in their homes and why! Personally, I prefer NOT to have a gun in my home. I don't have any kids to worry about getting to the gun, but, it's just something that would make me feel very uncomfortable. If anything, that gun won't protect me, it will eventually kill me! When you have bipolar-manic depression like I do, it's not a good thing to have a gun in the house and that is how I feel about it. And most definitly, kids do not need to be around them anyway. If the damn thing doesn't hurt them or kill them, it will probably just eventually get them into trouble, and when that happens, we have situations like Columbine. Those students DO NOT...DID NOT deserve for that to happen! My heart goes out to everyone that was affected by that situation, especially the students and teachers. This never should have happened.

I could write a book about how I feel about everything that I saw in that movie and the situation with Columbine and the 6 year old that was killed by another 6 year old in Michigan. But, there is just too much to tell. So, I will just let that sit for now.

I'm so excited that my bowling league will be starting up again on September 6! I've been bowling since I was 5 and love it. So, I'm all excited about getting back into the groove of things, and I have a powerful team. Woohoo!!! There are some great people on my league, a very few that we won't even go there but, majority of the league, great people, and we always have a wonderful time and so much fun.

Well, once again, it's late. It's now 12:30 am and I can't believe I'm still having problems sleeping. Thank goodness it's Friday tomorrow, I'M SLEEPING IN ON SATURDAY!!! I haven't been able to do that within the last 2 months, maybe a bit less than that...but, not so much!

So, I better get to bed. Night Babes! Sweet Dreams to all!

Blessed Be!!!