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To be in love or Not to be in love...which is it?

2003-06-23 @ 6:03 a.m.

Love Your Enemies, For they tell you your faults....

Life can be so confusing sometimes and we occasionally seem to lose track of everything around us.

I've suffered through a great deal in my lifetime, and I seem to lose touch of reality sometimes due to my depression and have to have something to inspire me or remind me that no matter what happens in life, things happen for a reason.

So, I start to write and it helps me to either escape reality or re-enter it. I guess depending upon my mood.



How strange that while falling

I feel as if I'm flying.

How fair a place I go to

How real a place I flee.

Now while my soul is soaring

I turn with eyes adoring

Upon a face familiar

A face near, dear to me.

Do you know your power

That holds me every hour?

Do you know your beauty

Is all my eyes can see?

No, the truth lies hidden:

My heart has, quite unbidden,

Found itself entangled

In love that cannot be.

Blessed Be!